What do you do when your clients skin are just sensitive?



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What do you do when your clients skin are just sensitive?


1.be patient, the worst that could happen is you rush and your client leaves with a bad set
2.choose this sensitive silicone gel tapes,it is suitable to sensitive skin.
2.make sure the gel pads and tape are not too close, this can prevent them having red eyes and an eye injury


🌟About us🌟
🌹ESSILASH is the most professional eyelash extension suppliers.We only do high-end quality lashes.Our lashes are high and stable quality.It will help you to start and grow your business rapidly.
🌹Our workers are all skilled with more than 10 years experience,they can make the lashes perfect.
🌹Strict 3QC System
👍In production:The workers do self check after they finished,we have a strict staff appraisal monthly,so it will avoid quality problem in producing.
👍After production:We have a well-trained quality control team,they will examine the lashes after production when the product is in stock.
👍Before shipping:Our logistics department will check the state of the lashes and check the length,curls,thickness of the lashes as per the customer’s order,in case the product can be sent correctly as the orders.

🌟Advantage of ESSI LASH🌟
1.Lashes is not only black but also matte,looks luxury,not shinny,not blue,no plastic feel✨
2.Super long retention of lash curl,4-6 weeks retention on eyes.✨
3.Non sticky tape,very easy to make fans.✨
4.Super natural soft & fluffy✨
5.Super lightweight,zero pressure on eyes.✨
6.Standard curl,not too tight nor too flat.✨

🌟Large stock🌟
🏠Length:6-30mm & mix length
🏠Thickness:0.03 0.05 0.07 0.10 0.12 0.15 0.18 0.20
🏠Curl:J B C CC D DD L M
🏠Volume,Classic,Easy fan,Flat fan,premade fans & Colored lashes
🏠Lash supplies: Glue,bonder,shampoo,tape, tweezers,brush…etc