What is the premade fans? What’s the Difference Between Handmade vs Premade Fans?


Handmade vs Premade Fans Considerations:

1. Application Level
2. Application Time
3. Customisation

If you’re new to the lashing industry, you’ve probably just finished a classic lash course. Once you have mastered classic application techniques, you may want to step your skill set up to the next level – volume lashes!

Volume lashes are an extremely popular style of eyelash extensions. Basically, with this technique, multiple lash extensions (2 to 15D) are applied to each natural lash. In total, hundreds of lashes will be applied to the eye, resulting in a very voluminous and full look.

This technique can have a dramatic result on your clients’ appearance. In fact, you may even be able to change your client’s eye shape, with the correct use of lash styling!

So, what do you need to do to be able to offer these gorgeous volume lashes? Your options are to either:

  • Take an extensive volume lash course, and practice your fan-making skills
  • Start using Premade volume fans

But what’s the difference between premade and handmade fans? In this blog, we will talk about what they are and the pros and cons of using each one of them. 👇


1. Application level

Handmade fans – Difficult

To make Russian volume fans, you will need to learn how to do so in person. Online tutorials are usually not enough to be able to truly master the technique!

There are so many different Russian volume techniques that you can use, including the ‘roll’, ‘shimmy’, ‘lean and pick up’, and ‘pinch’ techniques, to name a few. You’ll eventually figure out which method feels the easiest and most natural to you, though you will still need to put in a lot of time and effort to master and speed up your technique.

When you’re just starting out, it’s going to take forever to make one fan. It’s quite a difficult skill to learn, which is why not all lash artists are trained in or offer Russian volume sets.


Premade fans – Easy

On the other hand, you don’t need to learn any of these technique to use premade lash fans. Instead, premade fans come with all of the lashes fanned and laid down on a strip, which have already been perfectly prepared for you by a lash supplier.  

With these premade volume fans, all you have to do is choose which style you’d like to create. You can create everything from hybrid to light volume lashes (best with 3D or 5D) to mega volume sets (10D and above).

All you need to do is pick up a lash fan, dip it into glue, then apply it to the natural lash. This is exactly the same process that you would use to apply classic lashes.


2. Application time

Handmade Fans – Approx. 2.5 – 3.5 hours 

Application times for handmade fans definitely depend on your experience and working speed, but normally, you’ll need 2.5 to 3+ hours to create a full set. If you are creating a very full, mega volume set, you will need extra time, meaning it could take way more than 3 hours. On the other hand, if you are working on a light volume set (like 3D), less time will be required.

Premade fans – Approx. 1.5 – 2 hours

As you can skip the fan making process with premade fans, all you need to do is pick up the lash fan from the tray, and apply it. The time to apply premade volume fans is usually similar to that for a classic set. For a full set, you’ll need approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Of course, you will need to first get used to the premade fan application technique, but once you’ve done a few sets using premade fans, you’ll soon get a hang of it.

The ‘time saving’ aspect of using premade lash fans also makes it the best option for clients who are busy and don’t have a lot of time, or who have back pain or other physical issues that prevent them from laying down for a long time.

Also, by cutting down on your application times, you will be able to fit in more clients each day, means you will also be able to increase your income. 



3. Customisation

Handmade fans – Very flexible

With handmade fan lashes, you can easily customise the whole set as you go, and decide on the dimensions of each natural lash by looking at them one by one. For example, for a short anagen (baby) lash, you wouldn’t want to apply a heavy fan like 10D 0.05, as doing so may cause stress or damage to the natural lash. With this technique, you would be able to opt for a lighter fan for use on the anagen lash instead.

You are also able to create more unique and different styles with handmade fans. Even though now premade lash fans come in various styles (like 3D to 14D, 0.03 to 0.10, B, C, D curls, etc.), it is possible that not every lash you want to try will be available on the market. By comparison, the volume lashes for handmade fans tend to have more variety, such as L curl, M curl, and coloured lashes etc. This means you can be creative as you want!


Premade fans – Limited

The customisation options for premade fans are quite limited. However, nowadays, there are so many lash artists using premade lash fans, so suppliers are offering a lot more options.

At ESSI LASH, we offer a huge variety of premade lashes, including long stemshort stemPromade fansXL boxesXXL eco-friendlyboxes, B curls, C curls, D curls, single length trays, and mixed length trays. As you can see, there are so many options!

However, remember to always mix at least two different dimensions in a set. For example, use the 3D 0.07 (a lighter lash fan for shorter and finer natural lashes) with a slightly heavier lash fan like 6D 0.07 or 10D 0.05 (for telogen lashes). That way, you can achieve that bold look without compromising the health of your client’s natural lashes.



We strongly recommend that you try learning handmade fan techniques, and also use premade fans! That way, you’ll be able to offer both options, and find the best one to each of your clients’ individual needs, as well as your business needs.