What are the different lash tweezers for?




What are the different lash tweezers for?



L-Shaped Tweezers:
45 degree tweezers:They are ideal for creating precise lash placements and isolating individule lashes.
90 degree tweezers:These tweezers offer versatility in lash application.They provide better control and grip,allowing for comfortable and efficient lash manipulation. 


Boot Tweezers:
Rounded boot tweezers:These tweezers have a slightly curved tip with round edges,they are great for picking up and placing lash extensions without damaging or dending them.
Straight boot tweezers:They provide a firm grip and are suitable for precise and controlled lash application.


J Curve Tweezers:Semi-curve J curve tweezers:They are often used for volume lash techniques,allowing for effortless fan creation and placement.
Strong curve J curve tweezers:These tweezers are perfect for creating dramatic lash looks.They offer enhanced control and precision when working with colume lashes.


Isolation Tweezers:
Straight isolation tweezers:These tweezers have a straight,pointed tip,specifically designed for isolating individual natural lashes during the lash extension process.They help maintain seperation between lashes for accurate application.
Semi-curve isolation tweezers:These tweezers offering a more ergonomic grip and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.They are also used for isolating natural lashes effectively.