Super Bonder Glue Sealer With Package For Volume Classic Eyelash Extensions






The Function of SUPER BONDER


Accelerate Application & Decrease Sensitivity & Maximize Durability

  • No Irritation
  • Instant Glue Curing
  • Prolonged Retention
  • Fragrance Free


Eyelash Extension Artists Ideal Tools

Works in any humidity and temperature conditions

Expedites the drying time of lash adhesives

Speed up the curing process


Choose one method in your application


Method 1 Apply a small amount on the roots of the to-be-used eyelash extensions

Method 2 Hold the lash fan,dip the super bonder,and apply the adhesive

Method 3 After the treatment,slighly and evenly apply the super bonder on the glue bonding joints of natural and false eyelashes by micro brush.