Super Bonder Eyelash Extension Sealer

Super Bonder Eyelash Extension Sealer


    To Maximize Your Lash Extension Retention.
    To make your eyes more comfortable after Lash Extension.
    To add Elasticity to Lash Extension.
    Adhesive fumes are the main factor causing irritation for eyes.
    When using Super Bonder, It will instantly encapsulate the fumes and cure the adhesive bonding point.
    As the result, the eyes are a lot less irritated after the treatment and it will also improve Lash Extension retention.
    Super Bonder maximizes retention by up to 30%.
    Better retention is also achieved by adding ingredients that make non-flexible cyanoacrylate more flexible.
    100% Brand New in Retail Packaging.

  • 【Capacity】10ml

  • 【How to use】Wait 1 minute and a half after you have attached the lash extension. Squeeze 1 small drop of Super Bonder onto a microfiber brush and wipe adhesive bonding points.

  • 【Note】
    1.You do not need to soak bonding points
    2.The best timing to use it is before eyelash extension is dried 100% completely but dried almost 80%. So, after 2minutes is too late to use.
    3.Please do not mix and store with glue ,if not, the glue will be dried.

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